WordPress Care

Spend lost hours on updates on your business instead.

Managing your own WordPress site can get very complex, and worse if issues pop up (and they do, very often!) Keeping the site up to date takes up a lot of the time you could have spent on improving your business instead.

You can leave your content updates to us while you focus on your business. We are proud to be a part of your flourishing business.

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A Healthy Website
Grows Your Business

Full Support

We'll help you make updates to your content, and support with any issues you face with the website.

Disaster Mitigation

We make sure you can regain access or fully restore damaged site because of malware or cyber attacks.

Commercial delivery

Emergency Response

Sites that are attacked or infected are dealt with immediately as part of our emergency response, 24/7.

Security Enforced

Mitigate various common attacks with our security services. We also monitor constantly for potential issues.

Always Backed Up

Consistent backups are the only way to ensure your site can be restored should irreversible damages happen.

Always Updated

Site updates introduce new security protection as well as features. Prevention is better than the cure.

secure business

Don't lose revenue because your site stopped working.

Many sites are attacked or infected each day, causing losses for various business owners, which could have been prevented with updated security modules and constant security monitoring.


Consistent backups will save your business.

We make sure your sites are always backed up, and stored off-site. In case of events that require full restoration or quarantine (due to malware or cyber attacks), we ensure your site will be fully restored, like nothing had happened.

better business

You manage your business, we'll manage your site.

A truly win-win proposition where we each do what we do best. You can focus making more revenue for your business, while we make it our business making sure our tools work.


Simple, Hassle Free
Care Plans
Your Site Needs.

Yearly commitments get 2 months free and a free site malware and hack cleanup.

Essential Care

All the essential care for sites with below 5 plugins.
MYR 100 Monthly
  • Theme & Plugin Updates
  • Standard Support
  • Emergency Support
  • Monthly Backups
  • Security & Uptime Monitoring
  • Site Optimization
  • 10% Off Other Services

Growth Care

All the essential care for sites with below 10 plugins.
MYR 150 Monthly
  • Theme & Plugin Updates
  • Standard Support
  • Emergency Support
  • Weekly Backups
  • Security & Uptime Monitoring
  • Site Optimization
  • 10% Off Other Services

Expert Care

All the essential care for sites with below 15 plugins.
MYR 300 Monthly
  • Theme & Plugin Updates
  • Standard Support
  • Emergency Support
  • Daily Backups
  • Security & Uptime Monitoring
  • Site Optimization
  • 15% Off Other Services

Got sites with more than 15 plugins to take care of? We’ll build a custom plan for you.


What is site care and why do we need it?

WordPress site care is a very broad topic, but we'll address some of the common questions to clear your doubts.

WordPress sites are built on the open source platform WordPress, which makes it a prime target for hackers, pro or new. Do not let this stop you though. Due to the immense time you will save when updating contents without code, the tradeoff is well worth it, if you pay attention to your site.

However, most website owners get the site built and let them be, and wonder what went wrong after the site gets hacked, thus losing potential revenue due to loss traffic. That's why we are here, to make sure your site does not go through the same disaster as many others have experienced.

Updates provided by theme and plugin developers provides potentially new features and security patches. Updates are also meant to fix compatibilities with other plugins or themes, which is the core of WordPress.

That is why updates are absolutely crucial to a WordPress site and ignoring them will spell trouble later down the road.

Sure you can, with the right training of course you will be able to perform the updates on your own. Since WordPress relies on 3rd party plugins to provide features and functionality to the site, a site update must be done on staging to ensure conflicts do not happen and damage the live site.

As long as you are able to deal with potential conflicts and errors, you can definitely perform the update on your own. However, shouldn't the extra hours spent on updates be spent on your business instead?

Definitely not, no one can promise a website to be 100% guaranteed safe from hackers and future attacks. They are just after your money. The security modules are in place to ensure most of the typical WordPress attacks won't bring your site down. These modules are improving everyday, providing better protection as time goes by.

Even with the best security set up, attacks can still penetrate into your website and malware infections may still occur, but with out 24/7 site monitoring, we can drastically reduce the damage done by either cleaning the site or restoring with latest clean backups. We also have protocols in place when such events occur, and how to further harden your site against future threats.

Our support is meant to assist you on using the features your site currently has.

What do we cover:

1. minor content updates. (major ones are quoted separately)
2. fixing issues happening on existing features.
3. provide guidance on how to use your site or update content if needed.
4. we only support sites hosted on our hosting or hosting that is recommended by us.

What we do not cover:

1. fixing issues caused by clients own action. (such as installing plugins without consultation and it caused the site to break down)
2. we do not support sites hosted outside out hosting. However, additional fee can be imposed for us to provide support.
3. we do not cover customer service, however we can assist you in resolving site technical issues the customer faces, since its part of the existing features.

We are more than happy to expand our support scope with a custom maintenance and support package for you.